Winter Warmers

As autumn is well and truly here, we're all turning to more comfort food,especially the Sunday roast! This is just a quick email to let you know that we have some meat boxes available for delivery in the next couple of weeks. We have  our delicious beefmixedporklamb and chicken boxes available.
  Please let us know if you'd like a freezer top up in the next few weeks ,we will be delighted to  call in with a box .


ready for fireworks.....

 Today we have brought home a couple of new rams..... A young Beltex shearling ram and a older more measured Suffolk. We'll see how many ewes are marked in the morning!


Summer Family News 2016


Family Kittow ( Ben already stood on a small mountain!)







The summer holidays have flown by, but the Kittow family have enjoyed  a full and varied summer. A  mixture of work, both on and off the farm has kept us all fully occupied.  Steve Hill has joined our team at Kittow Cattle and  has settled in well helping with the packing and delivering of the boxes. Steve also helped us at Honiton Show and has been invaluable this summer. Jan, our wonderful neighbour, is helping with some of the phone calls.   With help and support from Family and friends we,for the first time as a family,  took an under- seas holiday.We enjoyed a wonderful week in the French Alps. It was an action packed week with downhill mountain biking, horseriding and white water rafting thrown in for good measure. The weather was kind enough to allow us to swim in beautiful mountain lakes. 

Ben has done very very well this summer, recently achieving his disired  place in the prestigeous Michael Caines  Accadamy. He has the opertunity to learn all the arts of catering at the very highest level. We are all looking forward to his homework! His results in his GCSE's were very pleasing and just reward for him for all his hard work.

Abbie has been very busy with Mouse,  earlier in the summer enjoying a 4 day camp at Pontispool and more recently a 3 day rally in Hemyock. She has been known to lend a hand with the sheep herding while on horseback!



Farm News Sept 2016

Ben and Sky

Ben has enjoyed a good summer with plenty of sheep dog training.

We are keeping more ewe lambs back for breeding next year, as Ben's aim is to increase the flock numbers one way or another!

He has aquired 4 YFC sheep this year which he hope will provide him with some lambs early in the new year ready for the Culm Valley YFC show and sale around Easter.

With enough silage already in the clamp,that wasn't used last year, we decided to make more hay this year .The weather hasn't  been  ideal for haymaking though. In the first really hot spell we were fortunate enough to make about half of our requiremnts.We had to wait until early August before we were brave enough to send the mowers in again. We made both crops without rain and the barns are full of sweet smelling meadow hay. Let's hope that it's a long time before we need to open a bale of that hay in the wet and wild winter!


Farm News Nov 2015

Our young shepherding team of Ben and Sky have come on well over the summer and autumn with both showing enthusiasm and promise! Ben has enjoyed training Sky with the ewes. The sheep and the dog are now so well trained that I'm sure if Ben was in the field without Sky, the sheep would still follow him wherever he went.

We purchased two Jacob X ewes in early October and when I introduced them to the rest of the flock they thought I had brought the rams along!  It is that time of the year after all. Clearly, they were little disappointed when they realised.  However, the girls didn't have to wait long as two weeks later I did pull up with the same trailer and unloaded two good-looking ram lambs. Not to say our girls were keen but, as you can tell by the number of red bums there were the next morning, the boys had a night they will never forget!

Abbie and the ewes.

Abbie and the ewes


Early October mornings.....



 As the cattle now have the option of the warm barn for the winter, my work load  on the farm increases, This always happens at about the same time meat boxes are at their busiest. I would love to be able to call you all,  have a chat, and hopefully take an order, but as you are all aware, I can't be in 3 places at once!  Jan, our very kind neighbour, who helped us at some of the shows over the summer, has been helping me with my phone lists. Some of you may be lucky enough to have a call from her over the next few weeks. Please be nice to Jan as I would love her to help me as we try and grow the business! With the increase in nuisance phone calls we are aware how precious your time is and we will try and call you when we think you are due a delivery.

I would also really appreciate feed back on our online order forms and website as I am trying to make it easier for you to order with minimal clicks!

Beef    Pork   Lamb    Mixed Box   Chicken    Turkey    Voucher


Christmas meat


Thank  you to  those customers who have  already kindly reserved their Christmas order. With about a month to go to the busiest week of the year, I'd like to urge you all to consider ordering as soon as you can, to avoid disappointment and to give as much time as possible to plan our logistics. As I write, we currently have plenty of turkeys, geese, beef, lamb, and mixed boxes available every week leading up to the big day. If the last few years are anything to go by, the next couple of weeks will start testing our resources. Click Here to go to our Turkey order page.

Our meat box voucher has proved increasingly popular over the last couple of years and if you're struggling to find gift for that family member or friend, why not consider giving them a voucher that they can redeem any time in the New Year. You never know your luck; they might invite you over when they cook some!

We're keeping our fingers crossed that any snow that does fall can wait, at least until the last turkey has been delivered! I hope to see most of you with a meat box on my shoulder over the next few weeks but in case I don’t, I hope this winter and festive season is a memorable one for you, for all the right reasons! 

Merry Christmas and seasonal best wishes to you all. 

Dave & team Kittow.


same order as last time please!

Please click here to re-order  a box similar to my last delivery.


June Newsletter and show dates

Please follow the link for showdates, lambing news and bk's latest recipes


Autumn Newsletter 

Hello and Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter,
 It's been nearly 5 months since my last quarterly newsletter! I really must get better at keeping you all up-to-date with what's going on in the world of Kittow Cattle!  It has been suggested I Tweet  some of my thoughts,pictures of the farm & animals, it's something I am giving consideration to!

We are well and truly in autumn now with heavy rain, gales & impressive thunderstorms! Autumn does have its advantages, I do look forward to tucking into a hearty stew while in the company of the wood burner after a long day, whilst . Ben has developed a passion for making dumplings which we love, but he is also quite keen on using some of his home-grown chillies too…..!


 For some seasonal recipes that have been tried and tested a little more look at had a busy summer both on the farm and on the retail side. Following a very wet spring the weather did finally settle down around the middle of June, so it was then ‘all hands on deck’ to get the silage and hay made. We also  catered for a hog roast party for 70 and the two-day Axe Valley Festival to add to the fun & chaos of these two weeks. We succeeded, happy, but exhausted! We’ve just cut the first bale of hay to start feeding the young stock and I've got a say, it smells like some of the best hay I have ever made.

Shortly after that busy period we were offered the opportunity to take on the locally produced meat stall at Taunton Farmers Market. Nick and Ruth Strange from Beechayes Farm have been running that stall very successfully for the last 15 years and have built up a very keen following. They decided to retire at the end of July, so our first market was the first Thursday in August, coinciding with Honiton Show! Sarah took some of our produce into Taunton that Thursday and with Sally, whom we thankfully inherited with the stall, did very well.  Ben, Abbie and I manned the stall at Honiton and again had a great day, it is always lovely to see so many of our customers and have time for a natter!

 I'm delighted to say that the Taunton Farmers Market sales are increasing most weeks We're in Taunton High Street between Boots and Clarks every Thursday;if you find yourself in Taunton on a market day please do stop and say hello. If you choose the right week you might get a sample of one of our freshly cooked sausages or a slice of pot roasted brisket! Please do have a quick look at the whole Farmers Market  as there are many other top quality local producers who  attend  with many  artisan treats to be found. We are between Conrad’s wonderful ready meals, delightful fishcakes and  fisherman’s eggs and Rays organic veg stall with some very interesting season specials! You must also be very aware of Fran’s chilli pickled eggs!!

If you can't make it into Taunton and you need something to tide you over before your next delivery, we have just started supplying Churchinford Village Shop and Highfield Stores in Dunkswell. We also continue to supply the Strand Stores in Culmstock and Mole Valley Farmers at Cullompton. Alternatively, if you fancied somebody else doing the cooking for you, you can find our meat on the menu at the Eagle Tavern, the Ashill Inn, Conrad's pop-up kitchen in Hemyock and Toucan Cafe in Bampton. We have been supplying the latter businesses for quite a while and are grateful for their continued support. Thanks to family & friends stepping in for a week, we managed to have a holiday in Hope Cove, South Devon in August. For those who do not know the area, we highly recommend it. Beautiful beaches, great pubs and plenty of water sports and walking! The stand-up paddle boarding was a big highlight with both Sarah & I staying afloat for a whole hour, the same cannot be said for the children, which added to the hilarity!! Peter and Tory Kittow's cottage where we stayed is available for hire, it’s a wonderful place, if you fancy  a relaxing holiday in South Devon, have look at a 3 minute YouTube clip.If you areKeane to find out more call them on 01823 680337! Ben and Abbie have had new routines this term as Abbie has started her first year at Secondary School and Ben has started his GCSE courses. They are both really looking forward to half term and are in need of the break. It will then only be a short stretch through to Christmas, there, I've said it,’ Christmas’, yes, it's coming!

Historically the period between half term and Christmas is our most frantic and our busiest time to sell many and varied meat boxes. If you could be kind enough to have a quick peep in the freezer and let me know when you might need a top up, I will do my best to streamline deliveries that will both suit you and others in your area. Please don’t forget our smaller boxes are very well received as Christmas presents and can be delivered direct.

Please click on the links below to take you to  the order form, or the webpage link for the whole site and more delicious options. There isn’t an option to pay on line, just an order form, payment will be collected on delivery.

Beef Box            Mixed Box    Turkey Box   Lamb Box   Chicken Box   Pork Box

Thank you all for your continued support. If you would be kind enough to pass this on to any potential new customers, I would be very grateful (extra steak grateful!) In the same spirit, and to encourage my use of social media, I'm prepared to offer a pair of  fillet steaks in a prize draw for anyone who has liked on Facebook or followed on Twitter and shared a picture of their Kittow Cattle culinary creation! #kittowcattle. If this promotion is a success, then in the November quarterly newsletter, I might be tempted to offer a Christmas hamper!

I hope you enjoy a good Autumn and a I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best wishes to you all,

Dave, Sarah Ben Abbie and the wet and wild Angus.


Dave KittowKittow Cattle Ltd.
(0)18 2368 0971

Mobile 07785 900450


Fillet steak promo

To encourage my use of social media, I'm prepared to offer a pair of  fillet steaks in a prize draw for anyone who has liked us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter and shared a picture of their Kittow Cattle culinary creation! #kittowcattle. If this promotion is a success, then in the November quarterly newsletter, I might be tempted to offer a Christmas hamper!


show update and news

It's been a while since I've sat down and written a newsletter.

I have found the time this afternoon, with the rain lashing down on the window, as I should be at the Devon County Show manning our stand and offering slowly cooked brisket to people who are kind enough to stop and talk. As most of you will have heard the Saturday show is cancelled this year. The first 2 days of the show were enjoyable, thank you to all of you who stopped for a chat. If I am organised enough next year I will send a newsletter before the show reminding you where you can find us and inviting you to stop and say “hello.”

If you were planning to go to Devon County show on Saturday, don't worry you will be able to catch up with us at a number of shows this summer.

Axe Vale Festival, Axminster, Saturday 21st June and Sunday 22nd June 2014

The Mid Devon Show- Saturday 26 July 2014 at Hartnoll Farm, Post Hill, Tiverton

Honiton Show Thursday 7th August 2014


I do hope the other shows have better luck with the weather. We also need to keep our fingers crossed that the sun comes out soon as we need to consider both silage and hay making in the next month. It would be nice to think I have it all made and stacked in the shed by Axe Vale Festival, but that might be wishful thinking!


I know we've had the wettest winters on record, but we did have a very mild and dry autumn. I remember closing the gate on the field on 12 December ‘13 and this year we opened the gate and let some cattle out to graze on 11 March. This meant some lucky cattle danced out to grass having spent less than three months enjoying the comforts of straw beds and ad-lib silage.


We have been fairly busy here this spring, with our flock of sheep having their first lambs adding to the interest/workload. Our first lambing season at Culm Davy and my first for over 20 years has gone fairly well. The first ewe to perform decided to complicate matters by having triplets and a ring womb which resulted in a Caesarean operation by the vets. Fortunately mother and all three lambs are doing well. For Christmas this year I gave the children a ewe each, they had the choice from any of the flock. Amazingly they both chose the only other two ewes that were carrying triplets! Both Ben and Abbie's ewes proceeded with less difficulty than the first one and currently we only have two ewes left to lamb.


With many hot summer days and ideal barbecue weather just around the corner, it is a good time to consider filling your freezer with tasty morsels that can be either barbecued (or cooked indoors in the unlikely event we get any more rain this summer!)


If you find yourself not eating as many joints as you would over the winter months please remember that we do a jointless boxover the summer. I would be delighted to have a chat with you to discuss box contents if you would rather not go via the website. Below are direct links to the order forms, no payment is possible on line, but if you are kind enough to order a box you can easily pay by BACS. This method of payment is becoming increasingly popular.


Beef Box   Mixed/BBQ Box    Pork Box       Chicken Box      Lamb box.


If you would like to have a look at the latest summer sizzler ideas please click on the link below  

We have a number of hog roasts and mobile carverys booked in for the summer and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that we have dry days for them! 

It would be good to see you with a meat box over the summer, if the sun comes out for a while I might even be in my shorts!

I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable summer and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

 Best wishes

Dave, Sarah, Ben, Abbie, the Angus and the little woolly critters!


Meat to please you

As I write, the cattle are still enjoying some Autumn sunshine and keeping their hooves crossed that they can stay in the fields for a little longer this year. With recent gales bringing another deluge, the ground is very nearly at the point where it would be wise to shut the field gate leaving the cows in the yard; however, in the last couple of weeks the grass has grown very quickly. It's growing as fast now as it has done all summer, so we're hoping they can stay out long enough to eat all the grass that is available.

With Autumn well and truly upon us, we can all look forward to cosy nights in. Here at Kittow HQ we look back on the summer with some very fond memories. The weather was particularly kind to us this year and having enjoyed a good silage and hay making season, we even managed a week away in the Lake District. It was a wonderful break and as you can see from the picture Sarah, Ben, Abbie and I all made it to the top of the Old Man of Coniston. The views that day were incredible, making up somewhat for the fact that when I did the Three Peaks six weeks earlier, we couldn't see much further on the summits than the hand in front of our faces! A massive thankyou to all those who kindly donated in aid of CLIC Sargent; we have very nearly reached the £25,000 mark.

As daylight continues to dwindle and the nights draw in, a hearty Sunday roast with all the trimmings and an afternoon around the fire is a little more appealing than a trip to the beach. As we approach our busiest time of year, I would ask if you could all kindly give a little thought to your meat requirements over the next few weeks. If you would like a freezer top up, please let me know as soon as possible and I will try and work a delivery to suit you. For those looking further ahead, please note that we are now taking orders for Christmas deliveries of beef, pork, lamb, ham, chicken, turkey and goose. Early orders would be greatly appreciated so I can arrange deliveries in the most mutually efficient way possible.

Over the last couple of weeks we have enjoyed very successful markets at Dunkeswell and Hemyock. They continue to run on the second and third Saturday of every month respectively; if you would like to order on line, call (01823 680 971) or e-mail to collect at either venue, please feel free. The same applies for our stand at the Uffculme School Christmas Fayre, this year on Saturday 23 November. Ben will be at the Fayre helping on our stand, but will also be selling his recipe books. He has worked very hard on it over the summer and is showing great potential in the kitchen! I have attached one of his favourite recipes to our website, The brisket and port slice.

While we are on the subject of recipes, the new EBLEX site has some wonderful seasonal ideas, including a useful and tasty one that uses pumpkins.

Looking ahead to winter, we're keeping our fingers crossed that any snow that does fall can wait at least until the last turkey has been delivered!


I hope to see most of you with a meat box on my shoulder over the next few weeks but in case I don’t, I hope this winter and festive season is a memorable one for you, for all the right reasons!

Best wishes

Dave and the increasingly woolly Angus

Sarah, Ben and Abbie are wrapped up warm too!


Shows, steaks and sizzlers





It has been an eventful time since I last typed a Kittow Cattle newsletter to you all. Apart from a Royal baby, Wimbledon titles and a cracking start to the Ashes summer, we have had our hands full too!

 Thank you for the many kind messages & support during my recovery from my hernia operation in April ,I have to say the NHS were truly outstanding. My whole family and a number of friends have kindly helped out while I was progressing through the six week recovery period. Sarah & Ben successfully brought on the new batch of calves we bought and I recovered just in time to turn them out to grass and be useful for the silage and hay making!!I have to say I quite enjoyed my role in management capacity!!

As many of you will be aware not only was the business an incentive for a quick recovery, but pre-hernia I had signed up to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge on 22nd/23rd June in aid of Clic Sargent. All 9 of us ‘Dashing Dads’ successfully completed this within 24 hours and have been overwhelmed by the generous sponsorship and support. Our fundraising currently stands at £23,000 and rising, if you would like to follow our progress, please visit the fund raising page , if you would like to see my photo/movie I put together, please look at

The show season was interrupted, we didn’t make it to Devon County or Axminster  Shows this year,  but we are at Mid Devon Show on Saturday 27th July and Honiton Show on 1st August. We are very much looking forward to seeing many of you, so do pop along for a chat and a slice of brisket (if I have any left and I’m still feeling generous!)



With the wonderful weather we have been having the BBQ boxes have been selling well and I have been more than happy to retreat to the chiller trailer to prepare them!! If you find you are not eating as many joints at this time of year, we are more than happy if you decide to go jointless. Please also look at the recipe link on our web site for some summer sizzlers ideas.

We have been enjoying  doing some outdoor catering in the last few weeks with our hog roaster. We have the flexibility to offer hog roasts for 100+ people or a mixed carvary for smaller gatherings and  are delighted to say Mid Devon District Council have awarded us a 5 food hygiene rating for the whole business at our recent inspection.

If you would like to enjoy some of our produce ,but fancy a night off from the kitchen or BBQ, why not visit one of our locals that we have been supplying. You can find our meat on the menus in Eagle Tavern( A303), Catherinewheel (Hemyock) ,Ashill Inn (Ashill), Strand Stores (Culmstock)  or the Toucan Café (Bampton)

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and manage to get away for your much deserved holidays.  I look forward to seeing  you soon either at one of the shows, or with a very carefully lifted  meat box on my shoulder!!

Best wishes

Dave and the rather hot Angus

Sarah,Ben and Abbie are hot too!


Spring news

Spring has finally sprung in Culm Davy and we're pleased to report that the cattle are now out in the fields for the summer.The grass is now growing rapidly,it's trying to make up for lost time and silaging is fast approaching!

For anyone wondering why I've been quiet for the past month or so, I'm currently recovering from a hernia operation. All is progressing well but as I'm under strict instructions not to lift meat boxes for at least another couple of weeks, I've been relying on family and friends to get out and about delivering to our customers. Normal service will resume very shortly but I'm back in the office so if anyone needs to contact me, please feel free.

I'm planning to organise a distribution route for the coming 4-6 weeks while I'm on light duties only, so if you think you would like to restock your freezer during that time, please get in touch as soon as possible so I can get to everyone. If your friends or neighbours would like a box, please pass on my details to them - we pay commission in sausages or steaks! We're finding that our half boxes are becoming more and more popular with people who have limited freezer space or aren't sure what their requirements will be over a longer period of time. 

We didn't manage to take our usual stand at the Devon & County Show this week due to my operation, but will be back next year. In the meantime, we hope to catch up with as many people as possible over the summer. With any luck, we'll be enjoying a heatwave very soon - don't forget to order a barbecue box! We can make up boxes with only the cuts you prefer, and no summer garden party is complete without a selection of Kittow Cattle steaks, chops, sausages and burgers.

We'll be back with more news on all things Kittow Cattle before too long including updates on our 3 Peaks Challenge.The training for which was put on hold for 3-4 weeks, but is now back in full swing. In the meantime if you'd like a chat about your meat requirements for the coming month or two, do please get in touch! 01823 680971 07785 90045 


3 Peaks Challenge for CLIC Sargent


Hi Folks,

 I haven’t been on an adventure or done any fundraising for a while, so I have decided to join the “Dashing Dads” team for the gruelling 3 Peaks Challenge .Over the 24hours between 22nd  and 23rd June this year a team of us Dads will endeavour to climb the 3 highest peaks in the UK; Ben Nevis,  Scaffell Pike and Snowdon! It sounds like a mad idea but it has been done before, just not by us!!

We are doing this to raise money for CLIC Sargent .This is a charity very close to my heart as they are currently helping my cousin Harriet (8) and her family during her treatment. Their wonderful support also helped Sarah’s cousin Ollie (now 10) and his family on his journey to a full recovery. CLIC Sargents care makes a real difference.

I have started training, but it has soon become clear that a lot more needs to be done before the longest day of the year! If you would like to help me reach my targets (both financial and physical) or  just  find out more, please have a look at the link to the Virgin Money Charity website. If you do kindly donate, then Gift Aid will be claimed automatically on all of your eligible donations.


Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon. If I am a little out of breath or walking with a funny gait, you will know why!


Best wishes to you and yours,


‘Dashing Dad’ Dave!


March Newsletter


With March just around the corner, we can all start looking forward to Spring. The mornings are getting lighter and the evenings longer, so before you know it, we will all be busy mowing our lawns again! Admittedly, we need to get through this cold snap now, but at least it is dry and given us all chance to catch up on a few jobs best done when it isn’t raining. The ground is also drying out a bit, which is a very welcome relief!

We appreciated an extremely busy December, the busiest to date and hope you all enjoyed the festive season.

Early in January we bought some store lambs to nibble away at the grass that continued to grow as a result of the wet and mild autumnal conditions. We are aiming to keep some of the girls for breeding next spring, but before that we will be offering lamb boxes even more regularly alongside our bespoke beef, pork, chicken and mixed boxes.
For a fresh range of recipes for beef and lamb please have a look at

The snow back in January gave us a little break from the deliveries and also gave the kids a break from school! We enjoyed the 3rd assembling of the Culm Davy Ski Club with some new members giving a little competitive edge to proceedings! With sledges, skis and snowboards, much fun was had, with a few learning to snowboard in Culm Davy!!  Another highlight was the communal camp fire that provided Sunday lunch and was rounded off with a hot chocolate and Baileys mix (highly recommended!!).

Outside catering is always something special and with our hog roasting service continuing to grow, we are looking forward to seeing a number of you over the summer months. If you or anyone you know might enjoy a large BBQ, mobile carvery or the whole hog roast, please call or email us to discuss the options. We can cater for parties/events for 40-150 people.

With the Meat Industry making headlines at the moment, we hope this reaffirms the many positive reasons for buying directly from local farmers and if you would like to recommend us or forward this email to a friend or two, who you think would appreciate knowing exactly where their meat comes from, we would be very grateful. If they order, I’ll give you extra steaks in your next box and they might cook you up a treat next time you are invited for dinner!

Easter is early this year and will be upon us before we realise, it would help us with our deliveries if you could reserve your next box in advance and we will try to delivery it  at a convenient time for both of us.

Thank you for your continued support, it is much appreciated.

Best wishes

Dave, the woolly Angus and all at Kittow Cattle.


Sheep back at Culm Davy



Just a quick update to say we have bought some store lambs, our aim is to offer more lamb in our meat boxes from the middle of February, increasing the availability towards Easter and the Spring. We will be keeping some of the ewe lambs to start our breeding flock next winter/spring.

I will keep you up to date with developments!


Graham Harvey

On the recommendation from a friend and customer, I recently met, and enjoyed a coffee with, the highly regarded agricultural researcher and author Graham Harvey.Graham spent many years researching and writing about the benefits of pasture farming. It appears that our practices at Kittow cattle have wide-ranging health and environmental benefits, many more than I realised.

I always thought that a grass fed system was better for the cows  and that they produced tastier meat,  these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. (Global warming pun intended)

if you'd like to know more about what Graham is discovering please follow this link to his website

I would really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on what Graham has to say.

Dave and the full of themselves angus.


Honiton Show now 30th Aug

Just a quick note to remind people that the Honiton show has been rearranged for the 30th Aug.

Due to the floods,so much debris was washed on to the fields that hadn't been mowed, that removing the grass, stones and trees is proving tricky.

I hope to see you at the show on the 30th.


Great British Beef week

For a dash of inspiration please follow the link for mouth watering recipes


tails up


The exciting news here is that we have turned our cows out for the summer! It is one of the best days of the year, when the yard gate is opened and the cattle put their tails in the air and go for several laps around the pasture it gives us all a  good feeling.

Easter is fast approaching, I have deliveries available both this week and next week and would like to see as many people as possible! I would really like it if you could call or email me to let me know when you might like another box ,so I can plan my routes as efficiently as I can.

 We have a full compliment of full and mini boxes including beef, pork ,lamb and chicken.

Our Beef and Ale,Beef and Stilton and the traditional Steak and Kidney pies are also proving to be very popular, If you fancy a treat or just  a quick meal please ask for these to be added to your box.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you soon!


Best wishes

Dave and the happy Angus



Solar Chilled Beef

Our meat boxes are now chilled with the help of the sun!

We have installed a small array of solar panels and now even the way we chill our meat is nearly as green as the grass the Angus eat!


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